The MLSE is currently under development, so access to these pages is restricted to the consortium of research centres that are participating in its development.

We aim to have a fully validated instrument available for use in English and Italian by the end of the year 2019.

By then we aim to have published the results of the validation procedures, the characteristics of the test based on its use in patients with the main syndromic variants of PPA, and the clinical overlap between PPA and aphasia resulting from cerebrovascular disease (post stroke aphasia).

Project Team


Chief Investigator:

       Professor Peter Garrard

Principal Investigators:

       Professor James Rowe

       Professor Karalyn Paterson

       Professor Matt Lamdon Ralph

       Professor Stefano Cappa

       Dr Thomas Barrick

Post-doctoral Researchers:

       Dr Nikil Patel

       Dr Katie Peterson

Project Collaborators:

– Professor Argye Hillis

Professor Cristiano Chesi

– Professor Roger Barker

– Professor Fernando Cuetos

– Dr Jordi Matias-Guiu

– Dr Eleonora Catricala

– Dr Alex Pantelyat