July 2018 – Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

Members of the MLSE study team attended the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. We presented two posters at the conference. The first poster provided an overview of the MLSE study, including the development of the English- and Italian-versions of the MLSE (download Poster 1 here). The second poster presented preliminary findings using the MLSE to investigate language impairment in English-speaking movement disorder patients (download Poster 2 here).

We will be attending the following upcoming meetings:

  • FTD UK (Manchester, UK; September 2018) – Professor Peter Garrard will give a talk titled “The MLSE”
  • ICFTD (Sydney, Australia; November 2018)


January 2018 – MLSE Project meeting and 36th European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology, Bressanone

The Winter MLSE Project meeting was held in Bressanone, in the spectacular Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy, in January 2018.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and St George’s, University of London took this opportunity to provide a brief summary of the data collected so far from patients and healthy volunteers using the English version of the MLSE. In particular, they focused on the types of responses patients and healthy volunteers gave during various sub-tasks of the MLSE. This facilitated discussions on scoring the MLSE, and some preliminary scoring guidelines were drafted.

The meeting coincided with the Thirty-Sixth European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology 2018. We presented a poster introducing the MLSE study. The poster can be downloaded here.

The conference was, as ever, well-attended and featured many interesting talks and posters. Of particular interest was Tuesday’s plenary session: “New developments in the localization of language functions in the brain”. The session highlighted the diverse methodologies currently being used to progress language research. In particular, the utility of voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping (Nina Dronkers, California, USA), Diffusion Tensor Imaging (Marco Catani, London, UK), and Magnetoencephalography; Riitta Salmelin, Aalto, Finland) for investigating the neural substrates of language were presented. The session concluded with an overview of the past and present state of language research by David Caplan (Boston, Massachusetts, USA).

The next MLSE group meeting will take place in London in Spring 2018, and will feature a summary of the data collected for the Italian version of the MLSE.


September 2017 – NIHR’s FTD awareness week

Professor Peter Garrard was invited to write a blog for the NIHR’s FTD awareness week. Please follow the link below to access the webpage:

‘Unpicking’ Pick’s disease: working towards accurate diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia