Primary Objectives of the MLSE

Topic Progress:


A brief test of equivalent validity in groups of patients with acquired aphasic syndromes due to both vascular (post stroke aphasia) and neurodegenerative (primary progressive aphasia) pathologies.

Five primary objectives of the MLSE:

  1. Able to detect the differing patterns of linguistic deficit that characterise the early stages of the three archetypal syndromes of primary progressive aphasia (PPA):
            • Semantic dementia (SD)
            • Progressive non-fluent aphasia (PNFA)
            • Logopenic progressive aphasia (LPA)
  2. Capable of detecting and characterising atypical symptom clusters in individuals and groups of patients with PPA2
  3. Usable, after brief training, by clinicians without special expertise in the assessment of language disorders
  4. Brief enough to form part of an outpatient or ward-based clinical assessment of suspected or established cases
  5. Sensitive to changes in language integrity secondary to disease progression over twelve months.