The Mini Linguistic State Examination (MLSE)

As of May 2020, the Mini Linguistic State Examination (MLSE) has been fully validated, and a paper describing its diagnostic properties is currently under review.
The MLSE was designed to be a brief yet comprehensive test of linguistic ability for use in the assessment, clinical classification, and monitoring of progressive aphasic syndromes.
The test takes the form of a booklet containing stimuli and score sheets on facing pages. The design allows the stimuli to be presented to the participant, while the relevant scoring material faces the tester.
The MLSE was was developed and validated simultaneously in English and Italian, but is capable of being adapted for other languages and cultures. Versions for use with speakers of Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), American English, and  Farsi are also available.
Please contact the team if you are interested in developing and validating the test in any other language.
The MLSE is free for use in clinical practice or non-commercial research, but a license is required for its use in commercial studies.